Ay Pharmacy is a Turkish company operating in the pharmaceutical industry, established in 2019. In order to increase the quality of life, high quality products that require advanced technology, by obtaining the production license, make a significant contribution to the access of patients. Thanks to its commitment to research and innovation, it is combined with technological investments and R&D activities and offers it to the service of the health sector. At the same time, Ay Pharmacy pharmaceuticals; It is proud to be ranked 60th among companies in the PHARMACEUTICAL EXPORT CATEGORY in 2020, on this new path they have just started. Our country will continue to produce and develop drugs for our valuable people and future generations, as its values ​​and priorities are respect for human beings.

Ay Pharmacy


It is to create the necessary sustainable conditions and infrastructure for the production of high quality drugs to add value to life and to protect and improve human health.

Our Values

Respect for Human:
It values ​​people. Within the framework of ethical values, we meet the needs of the society with quality services and products.

We are Hardworking and We Add Value:
We have a dedicated, corporate will that struggles with perseverance, dedication and passion.

Contemporary and Innovative:
Values ​​science and knowledge. Follows and applies modern technology and developments in the field. We encourage the development of innovative ideas.

We are Responsible:
We are responsible because we are aware of the fact that each of us affects everyone and our responsibility for a healthier society and a more livable world.


To become one of the fastest growing and market share increasing leading companies in the Turkish pharmaceutical sector by introducing new products that value human health.